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Cosmos is for those that adore the explore without breaking the bank. Hassle-free and flexible, you dream it and we create it.

You're a lone ranger but don't want to be completely alone. We'll help plan your itinerary and set you up with our friends. Less hassles, more amazing, that's Monograms.

Get personal. This is experiential river cruising, your way. From Europe to the Galapagos and Asia, Avalon is relaxed luxury with choices as many, and individual as you.

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Buenos Aires Argentina

Argentina is a country driven by desires, running on the fuel of zeal and zest. Every journey here is emotive, from being enthralled by the steamy tango, awestruck by the mighty Andes and dining at a Parrilla (steak restaurant). A Cosmos tour of Argentina will be full of memories you’ll be happy to re-live over and over again. It isn’t only supermodel beautiful Buenos Aires – the “Paris of the South” with wide boulevards and outdoor cafes – that will seduce, but the majesty of Iguassu Falls, experiencing an estancia, cowboy ranch and feeling the heat of the life-loving Argentines. Live la vida loca in beguiling Argentina.

Snapshot: Argentina
Buenos Aires
Official Language
44 million
Time Zone
Drives on the



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Why Cosmos is Different

At Cosmos, we’re experts in ‘thrillology’ - the art of bringing you an experience, time and time again. With over 50 years of ‘wow’ under our belts and no sign of slowing down. We know how to make tours that you’ll never forget; creating the experience you’ve always dreamed of, and showing you the ones you never even thought of. Our job is to take the planning and logistics off your hands, so you can live your dreams.

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